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Shrines for Mother Earth 

Bringing the Sacred back to our world



The feminine part of the divine was denied for centuries. The world needs the grace ofnew balance to establish harmony for humankind and all living beings. Shrines for Mother Earth are an important contribution to charge the planet with Her power.





Prayer to Mother Earth

There are many different ways to honor Mother Earth. The following prayer is a deep and wonderful example and it might be recited directly to Her: “Mother Earth, you are holy. Mother Earth, you are tender and gentle, but strenght and power are also with you.” 



With these three words, "holiness", "tenderness" and "power" we contact Mother Earth in our prayers.  "Power" means that She has the power to manifest things. Holiness is an expression of Her being that we experience in the vicinity of Her shrines and holy places, and even within the devotees who worship Her.


Holiness is a form of love, untouchable and beyond any disturbance. Whereas within Her tenderness Her vast wisdom is hidden.


Mother Earth has the power to create new things. She can create in ways that we understand  and in ways that are beyond our comprehension. On this planet, that we are allowed to inhabit, manifestations are possible in ways, that are based on the laws of physics and in ways that are not.


Both forces belong to Her. This fact, indeed, is one reason we call Her Holy Mother. Altogether, with these three phrases we show our respect for Her.



Dearest friends, 

In the following text I describe how we can serve Mother

by erecting a shrine in nature.  Published on October 9th, 2019  






 "Alienation from nature

separates us from our true selves.

Nature is the door

through which we are able 

to perceive other worlds.

And nature is where the many spirits live

with whom we arrived here on earth

and with whom our lives are fully intertwined."



 "We just need a few branches, a little dry material that has fallen from the trees to build a shrine that will appease Mother Earth. It is not not necessary to finish the sanctuary with exact measures. We do not need to work it out skillfully. We humans may prefer different ways of living, tidied up and straightened out, but Mother does not."


"She likes the mossy fume and the spicy, aromatic and powerful scent of the earthy ground. Her secret lies within the nuances and colors of the blossoms, leaves and stones that She likes to play with. When we are building the shrine we should proceed cautiously and be attentive. We should not harm any animal or living plant. The offerings to Mother should be aligned with this attitude. A bowl of milk, fruits gathered from the woods and the fields and some little buds and blossoms will make Her happy."

"When working with indigenous people from Africa, I observed their joy and serenity when we built the shrine structures. Everything was done with dignity and the greatest respect for the numinous, the unfathomable.


"Such a shrine can evolve to become a place of focus for contact with the nature spirits. It may become a place of worship, meditation and prayer. First we mark the place with four wands or sticks which we insert clockwise into the earth.  These symbolize the four directions that are traditionally connected with the realms of fire, water, earth and air. They are a sign that we, the builders of the shrine, are fully aware of the local spiritual hierarchy that is present throughout the whole process and beyond. By doing this we align our work with the cosmic order around us."




A place for worshipping Mother Earth and Her spirits has nothing in common with the places of our human dwellings. We put our imprint on churches, temples and mosques in the way we believe sacredness should be expressed. But it is not the language of nature.

We can find our  way back to the expression of holiness Mother Earth is willing to accept when we honor and cherish natural things. The construction of an earth shrine with material freely given by the earth is a good way to reconnect with the language of nature we can use for communication with the spirits."


 "When building a shrine, we offer a holy gift to the Earth. In so doing, we are simultaneously  calling for the help of the ancestors, the seers and wise women from ancient days from all peoples and regions of the world. We pray to them that they might help humankind  reestablish balance on the planet. The shrine will be a focal point of contact for the Otherworld so that beings of the Otherworld might be able to intervene in our world, carrying their healing and medicine through the channels opened by the shrines."


 "This is why, every time we build a new shrine for Mother, we accompany our work with great joy, dancing, singing and circumambulation.

This connects the place with energies from heaven and the celestial beings. The rhythm of the drums unites our heart-beat with the heart-beat of Earth.

And that is the secret of how we will come to always carry the shrines we have built within our hearts. It gives us the opportunity to assimilate a completely different model of living – as nature is – in our spiritual life.

We will find our deities again those we lost long ago. They are our parents, friends, and lovers. The earth shrine will be a place where this pleasure and joy might be born."